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Car Stuck on Snow Extrications

Many drivers have experienced that sinking feeling before: You gun the engine, the wheels spin, but you don't move! When you're stuck in a tough situation like this, choose Dave's Ringoes Sunoco & Towing! Using a high-powered winch, we'll haul you out of whatever trouble you've gotten into!

Call now for 24/7 EMERGENCY towing from Dave's Ringoes Sunoco & Towing!


If your car is stuck in a ditch, mired in shallow water or mud, or generally unable to move after a crash, call our team! We'll get your vehicle out of any of these harmful environments so that you can get the repair process underway and return to everyday life.

Keep your vehicle safe after a crash

Dave's Ringoes Sunoco & Towing is proud to tow in service of law enforcement officers! From illegally parked or abandoned vehicle to stolen cars and DUI recoveries, Dave's Ringoes Sunoco & Towing is always happy to haul for the boys in blue - call us today for details!

Extend the long arm of the law!

When you've got a vehicle stuck in mud, snow, or shallow water, the LAST thing you want to do is try to free it on your own! You risk injury and even getting the vehicle stuck more deeply than before!

Don't try to tackle a stuck vehicle on your own!

Rescue Your Vehicle From Bad Situations